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Recreational Craft

Dir. 2013/53/UE

ANCCP Certification Agency is a Notified Body (n.0302) for the issuance of CE conformity certifications for the recreational crafts with a hull length between 2.5 and 24 metres and their components, according to the provisions of the European Directive 2013/53/UE. 

The CE Marking affixed on the recreational craft ensures the fulfilment of the minimum safety requirements , established in the directive, even in terms of environment protection, particularly concerning the robustness, the motorization (gaseous and acoustic emissions), the stability,  the buoyancy and the manoeuvrability of the craft itself.

Based on the craft’s length and the manufacturing type, in order to get the CE Marking, the holder of the product’s placing on the market can choose a reference assessment Module among the following ones:

  • Module A: Internal manufacturing control and tests
  • Module B: EU-Type Examination;
  • Module C: Conformity to Type;
  • Module D: Quality Assurance of the Production Process
  • Module E: Quality Assurance of the Product
  • Module F: Verification on Product
  • Module G: Unit Verification
  • Module H: Full Quality Assurance
  • Annex VII: Exhaust and noise emissions
  • Post Construction Assessment (PCA)

Certification categories

P.C.A. – Post Construction Assessment

CE Marking for Recreational Crafts

Exhaust And Noise Emissions


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