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Italian D.M. 17/01/2018

The standard

The Ministerial Decree on 17.01.2018 “Technical Standards for Construction” establishes that the concrete production plants following an industrialized process have to “include” a Fabric Production Control system (FPC) that is independent and certified by a “third” Body, which is authorized by the Central Technical Service of the Higher Council of Public Works.

Certifying the FPC (Factory Production Control) is mandatory for every pre-packed concrete production that is realized through an industrialized process.

Included produced concretes are the following ones:

  • the ones in the fixed plants;
  • the ones in the fixed pre-fabrication industrialized plants and factories;
  • the ones in the industrialized plants installed in the construction sites

The product that is not managed through an industrialized process, that is to say the product realized directly in the construction site (generally in limited quantities) through temporary manufacturing processes, does not have to be subject to control.

The reference standards for implementing the system are the “Guidelines of the Prepacked Concrete” published by the Technical Service of the Higher Council of Public Works, which is the only body that can authorise third and independent bodies to issue the related certificate.

ANCCP Service

ANCCP Certification Agency is a Body, which has been authorized to certify concrete manufacturing plants since 2010.  Nowadays, the authorization follows the Italian D.M. 17/01/2018.

Interested parties

The certification is mandatory for every prepacked concrete production plant with an industrialized process (according to the D.M. 17/01/2018).

The object of the certification is the FPC system of the single production plant.

The Factory Production Control (FPC) is a permanent internal control on production carried out by the manufacturer and regularly documented in order to ensure a common interpretation of the quality assurances and to allow the company itself to realize a product with the required characteristics.


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