The standard

Fusion welding is widely used for manufacturing many industrial products. In some companies, it represents the distinctive element of production, both from an economical point of view and as the quality of the finished product is concerned. Guaranteeing that welding processes and adequate controls are efficiently performed on the whole process steps becomes therefore relevant.

Reference standard UNI EN ISO 3834, “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials”, represents the instrument through which the manufacturer can keep under control the elements affecting the welding quality.

With certification ISO 3834, the company follows the Italian D.M. 14/04/2008 (“New technical standards for constructions”) and meets the contractual needs of the customers, by ensuring the welding quality requirements.

Standard UNI EN ISO 3834 is divided into 5 parts. It is possible to get the certification for the part defining the quality criteria that the company wants to be certified.

Part 1: Choice criteria;
Part 2: Extended quality requirements
Part 3
: Quality normal requirements
Part 4:
Quality elementary requirements
Part 5: Documents to which becoming compliant for declaring conformity.

ANCCP service

ANCCP Certification Agency S.r.l. certifies the Quality Management systems for the welding processes with the accreditation issued by Accredia.

The certification according to UNI EN ISO 3834 perfectly integrates with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System; the company aiming to implement both systems therefore benefits both from an optimization of its organization and from an economical advantage due to the reduction of the audits’ time.

Interested parties

The certification of quality for the welding field refers to all companies considering welding as fundamental for their manufacturing processes, for example:

  • manufacturers of pressure components, pressure assemblies, piping and so on (regulated by international standards like PED, ASME, etc.);
  • workers in the systems engineering industry (chemical, oil-chemical, metallurgical, etc. field)
  • manufacturers of welded structures (traditional ones and for the building industry)
  • workers in the rail industry


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