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Inspections on the Grounding System

D.P.R. 462/2001

The standard

The Italian DPR 462/01 specifies that the employer has to inform the INAIL and the local health authority (ASL) / ARPA responsible for the related territory about the grounding system and the possible atmospheric discharges within 30 days since the first placing into service of the system itself. On the contrary, the presence of electric facilities located in places where there is a risk of explosion has to be communicated just to ASL/ARPA. The Declaration of Conformity DM 37/08 issued by the installer represents the homologation of the system. INAIL, starting from 27 May 2019, has made available the platform CIVA on the net, for the web management of different services among which we find the communication of the grounding systems and the communication of the protective equipment against the atmospheric discharges.

The employer has to submit the systems to a regular inspection every 5 years. For these inspections, the employer can contact the Italian ASL / ARPA or Inspection Bodies authorized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE).

The systems installed in construction sites, in medical environments or locations with a higher fire risk have to be submitted to inspection every two years.

Supervisory authorities can carry out random inspections on the systems, in order to be sure that the employer performs the regular inspection activities. The random check performed by the Italian local health authority (ASL) / INAIL does not affect the timeline of the regular inspections carried out by the other authorized Bodies, according to the Italian DPR 462/01.

ANCCP service

ANCCP Certification Agency is a type A Inspection Body accredited by Accredia and authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development to carry out the regular and extraordinary inspections according to the Italian DPR 462/2001, for the following system’s types:

1) Installations and protective equipment against atmospheric discharges;

2) Grounding systems of plants powered at 1000 V;

3) Grounding systems of plants powered at more than 1000 V;

4) Systems in places with fire or explosion risk.

Interested parties

The service addresses all the employers who, consequently, have employees or similar subjects that carry out their jobs in working areas where there are electric grounding systems, protective equipment against the atmospheric discharges or electrical plants in places with risk of explosion.


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