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The Italian reference praxis UNI/PdR 125:2022 – Guidelines of the management system for gender equality – is a document published by UNI (the Italian body for standardization). The document reports the results of the discussion of the working group about the gender certification of companies, as established by the PNRR Mission 5. The group was coordinated by the Department of Equal Opportunities and involved the Department of family policies, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, the Ministry of Economic Development and the National Equality Councillor.

Through the certification of the management system for gender equality, the company adheres to a voluntary system that leads to structure and adopt a system of key performance indicators (KPI) concerningg the policies for gender equality.

To guarantee an objective measurement of the companies’ maturity levels, they detected 6 areas of indicators concerning the several variables/factors that make a company really inclusive and respectful of gender equality, a company that aims to overcome the gender stereotypes and promote the female empowerment.

ANCCP Service

ANCCP Certification Agency is accredited by Accredia to grant certificates of Management Systems for Gender Equality

The accreditation certificate can be downloaded in section Documents of the website.

ANCCP Certification Agency provides the chance to certify an “integrated Management System” that will include two or more systems in order to value the company through:

  • higher visibility of common objectives
  • involvement of human resources
  • optimization of involved resources
  • integration of competences

The certification scheme for Gender Equality perfectly integrates with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Systems and of Social Responsibility’s standard (SA 8000).


The certification of conformity to Pdr 125:2022 can be obtained by organisations, bodies and/or associations working in any production and commodities sector: from public bodies to individual companies, from private companies to multinational corporations.

Owning the certification of Management System for Gender Equality provides a lot of advantages, including a more inclusive working environment thanks to the reduction of gender discrimination, the rewarding during the participation in European and Italian tenders, and tax reliefs.

Moreover, a concrete commitment, recognised through a certification, for the themes of gender equality, gives the organisation a better position on a market that is becoming more sensitive towards both the customers and the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.


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