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Organisation of lawyers and accountants professional firms

UNI 11871

The standard

Standard UNI 11871:2022: “Organisational principles and management of the risks related to the practice of the profession for value creation and protection” was published in September 2022 and is the first technical standard for professional Lawyers and Accountants firms.

 The standard was born from the cooperation of UNI, ASLA, Cassa Forense and has the aim of finding principles and criteria for an organisational management of professional Lawyers and Accountants Firms.

The main requirements of the standard include what follows:

  • Development of an efficient organisational model (approach based on processes, risk management)
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policies
  • Principles of inclusivity and pair opportunities
  • Strategies for external communication and business development

In addition to encouraging the development of an effective and efficient organisation of the professional activities and promoting the diffusion of the risk culture among the Firm’s members, the adoption of this standard provides the firms, which will result as compliant, with the opportunity to exhibit the UNI-ASLA 11871 marking. This as evidence of the commitment by the Firm’s members to implement their organisational structure.

ANCCP service

The Italian Accreditation Body “Accredia” accredited ANCCP Certification Agency through the resolution of 14 December 2023. ANCCP proposes therefore its professionality to the Lawyers and Accountants Firms, who aim to get a third party certificate for their Organisational Management System in compliance with standard UNI 11871.


The standard is addressed to the Lawyers and Accountants professional Firms, regardless their size and legal status. In fact, an essential characteristic of standard UNI 11871 is the chance to apply and adapt it to every kind of Lawyers and Accountants firms working on the national territory.


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