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Inspections on Lifts

La D. Lgs 162/1999

The standard

The Italian D.P.R. 162/99 (lifts and elevators) and the circular letter n. 157296 of 14/04/1997 of the M.I.C.A. (for lifting platforms for disabled people) specifies that the owners or holders of such facilities submit themselves to regular control inspections for the maintenance of the minimum safety requirements.

The regular inspections (disciplined by art. 13 of the Italian DPR 162/1999) represent the necessary biennial checks that allow maintaining the facilities active.

It is necessary to carry out extraordinary inspections (disciplined by art. 14 pf the Italian DPR 162/1999) in case of:

  • Regular inspection with negative outcome
  • Incident
  • Bringing back into service of a non-working facility
  • Constructive modifications to the facility (e.g. substitution of the safety components)

ANCCP service

ANCCP Certification Agency, as Certification Body authorized by the Italian M.I.S.E and notified to the European Union, carries out inspections on lifts, according to the specifications of articles 13 and 14 of the Italian D.P.R. n. 162/99 as amended, on the whole national territory.

Interested parties

The service addresses the owner or holder of lifts, elevators or elevating platforms for disable people, who can be condominiums, public or private companies, or also private subjects owning plants that are installed in their own constructions.

At the moment of their placing into service, the plants’ owners or holders which are subject to the obligations of the Italian D.P.R. 162/99 (lifts and elevators) and the Circular letter n. 157296 of 04/14/1997 by the M.I.C.A. (lifting platforms for disabled people), have to communicate the name of the body entitled for the service to the municipality where the plant is installed.


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