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Product certification

CE Marking according to European standards

The certification of products according to European Directives and Regulations represents a binding requirement that allows manufacturers, or their Authorised Representatives, to apply the CE Marking on their own products with the purpose of placing them on the European market.

CE Marking guarantees consumers and/or end users about the conformity to the Union standard and to the Essential Health and Safety Requirements defined by the Directives and/or Regulations, or by the applicable harmonized technical standards.

A Notified Body issues the certificate after the product has been tested according to the required controls.

ANCCP Certification Agency S.r.l. is a Notified Body (n. 0302) which is authorised for granting the CE conformity certifications for a wide range of products.

As a guarantee for the interested parties, everybody asking for information concerning the certification activities can access to it.


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Product certifications list


Pressure Equipment

Recreational Craft

Construction Products


Personal Protective Equipment

Private Security

Appliances Burning Gaseous Fuels

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