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Dir.2014/68/EU – Dir.2010/35/EU – Dir.2014/29/EU

Vessels, pipeline, safety accessories and pressure accessories, including elements attached to pressurized parts like flanges, fittings, sleeves, supports and movable wings are the pressure equipment:

  • Vessel: a housing designed and built to contain fluids under pressure including its direct attachments up to the coupling point connecting it to other equipment; a vessel may be composed of more than one chamber.
  • Piping: piping components intended for the transport of fluids, when connected together for integration into a pressure system; piping includes in particular a pipe or system of pipes, tubing, fittings, expansion joints, hoses, or other pressure-bearing components as appropriate; heat exchangers consisting of pipes for the purpose of cooling or heating air shall be considered as piping.
  • Safety accessories: devices designed to protect pressure equipment against the allowable limits being exceeded.


When a manufacturer combines one or more pieces of equipment in order to build an integrated and functional assembly, a “pressure assembly” creates.

This equipment is regulated by the following European Directives:

Directive 2014/68/EU “Pressure equipment – PED”

Directive 2010/35/EU “Transportable pressure equipment – T-PED”

Directive 2014/29/EU “Simple pressure vessels”


ANCCP Certification Agency works in the certification industry according to such European Directives through the Notified Body CEC – Consorzio Europeo Certificazioni (n° 1131), of which ANCCP is also a founding member.

Types of equipment



Simple Pressure Vessels


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