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System certification

Management Systems for the improvement of company's performances

Company Management systems represent an organization model which companies adopt in order to organize their structure through instruments, methods, policies and procedures for ruling the general management with an approach based on specific and continuously focused on improvement objectives.

Moreover, Management Systems are a method for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s processes. Thus, by detecting the critical aspects and proposing suitable improvement actions.

During more than 30 years, Management Systems have been significantly developing. In 1987, the first ISO 9001 version was published. Then, they updated it many times until the current edition came out in 2015, which was based on the “quality aiming to meet the customer’s satisfaction”. Later, due to the need of keeping under control new social and economic fields through an efficient company organization management, many further standards like the ones regarding environmental aspects (ISO 14001), safety at work ( ISO 45001), sustainable development of the working conditions (SA 8000) , etc. were published, but always aiming to meet the expectations of the several interested parties.

ANCCP Certification Agency provides services for management systems certification accredited according to the international standard EN ISO/IEC 17021-1.


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System certifications list

Lawyers and accountants professional firms UNI 11871

Certification for gender equality Pdr125

Road Traffic Safety ISO 39001

Quality ISO 9001

Environment ISO 14001

Occupational Health and Safety ISO 45001

Social Accountability SA 8000

Prevention of Corruption ISO 37001

Welding Processes ISO 3834

Energy ISO 50001

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