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Courses for Management System Auditors and Inspectors Qualification

In order to train professionals in the field of the product certifications, of the management systems’ audits and of the plants’ inspections, ANCCP has developed advanced training courses addressed to companies, professionals or public bodies.

These courses lead to the following qualifications:  

– Auditor for Safety Inspections and Certifications of products like lifts, groundings systems and recreational crafts; the courses can be developed and provided through cooperation with Professional Associations for the recognition of the related training credits.   

– Professionals involved in Management Systems Audits, like Internal Auditors and Third party Auditor of the Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The certification body AICQ-SICEV recognises these courses.

Upon request, ANCCP Certification Agency provides the training activities also by the customer’s plants and organizes them, based on the specific customer’s needs.


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Auditor Qualification

Inspectors’ Qualification Course

Scheduled Courses

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