The standard

Standard SA8000 defines the requirements for adopting a Management System for Corporate Social Accountability. The standard was developed and published by SAI, and refers to documents issued by the ILO (International Labour Organization), a body belonging to UNO (United Nations Organization).

ANCCP Service

ANCCP Certification Agency adheres to the NetworkLavoro Etico” founded by CISE (a centre for innovation and economic development), accredited by SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) for SA8000 certification.

Based on this involvement, ANCCP Certification Agency provides the certification service according to Standard SA8000 for Corporate Social Accountability as guarantee of the reliability and competence of the subjects involved in the activities  in which the attention for social-ethical problems are prior.

Very high-qualified personnel carry out the related audits that are headed to companies from any industries.

SA8000 certification is composed by n. 4 main areas:

  1. Self-evaluation for requirements’ application
  2. General Management’s commitment
  3. Respect of the eight SA8000 macro-requirements.
  4. Management system

Interested parties

Every organization aiming to adopt a Corporate Social Accountability System, in order to show to the market that the company provides its products and/or services, by respecting workers and by considering the following social themes:

  • no use of child and forced labour;
  • maintenance of the health and safety working conditions;
  • freedom of association, absence of discriminatory and/or coercive practices
  • establishment of a working time and an equal salary.


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