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Working Equipment

Art.71 of Legislative Decree 81/08

The standard

The standard regarding the working Equipment safety specifies the obligation for the employer and /or the User to meet what is written in Art.71 of the Legislative  Decree n°812008 as amended, as far as the Regular Inspection of the working Equipment is concerned (as specified in Annex VII of the above-mentioned Decree). Such inspections, aimed to assess the real maintenance and efficiency status of the equipment, have to be carried out with the frequency specified in the above Annex.

ANCCP service

Thanks to the authorization of the competent Ministries (Work, Health and Economic Development, ANCCP Certification Agency works in the field of the working equipment regular inspections through the   CEC – Consorzio Europeo Certificazioni, (literally “European consortium for certifications”). ANCCP is co-founder of this body.

As consortium member, ANCCP Certification Agency manages all the commercial and operative aspects that are carried out under the direct control of the consortium’s Technical Management.

Regular inspections

After the period of annex VII of the Legislative Decree 81/08 and amendments, the regular checks necessary for every equipment of the categories GVR, SC and SP, have to be carried out.

The employer has to ask to INAIL for the First of such Inspections. Then INAIL has 45 days for carrying out the inspection. After this time has passed, the employer can ask for the help of a private Body (authorized), by choosing among the ones authorized by the Competent Authorities, according to the Ministerial Decree 11.4.2011.

As established by law n. 98 of 09.08.2013, for the next Inspections, the employer can contact directly an Authorized Entity, without primarily contacting the Public Body (ASL, ARPA, etc…).

The working equipment subject to regular inspections are divided into the following categories:

SP Group (Lifting of persons):

  • Aerial ladders with adjustable tilt;
  • Bridges developable on motorized forklifts;
  • Bascule bridges developable on vertical hand-operated forklifts.
  • Suspended bridges and related winches
  • Mast climbing work platforms
  • Construction site hoists


SC Group (Lifting of things)

Non hand-operated equipment for lifting materials and centrifugal force hydro-extractors

  • Movable equipment for lifting materials with an over 200kg capacity;
  • Transferable equipment for lifting materials with an over 200kg capacity;
  • Fixed equipment for lifting materials with an over 200 kg capacity;
  • Half-movable forklifts with telescopic arm;
  • Centrifugal force hydro-extractors


GVR Group (Gas, Steam and Heating)

a) Pressure equipment

  • Vessels containing fluids with a pressure value higher than 0,5 bar;
  • Water vapur generators;
  • Overheated water generators
  • Piping containing gases, vapours and fluids
  • Heat generators powered by a solid, liquid or gaseous fuel with a water’s temperature not higher than the boiling temperature at the atmospheric pressure, with a power of the fires higher than 116kW;
  • Furnaces for the chemical industry and similar

b) Assemblies

  • Assembling by a constructor of equipment CE-certified as assemblies according to the Legislative Decree 93/2000.

Interested parties

The service addresses all the employers owning and using the working equipment included in Annex VII of the Legislative Decree 81/08, and that therefore have to follow the legal obligation of having such equipment regularly controlled, in order to evaluate its real status of conservation and efficiency.


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