The standard

Standard UNI ISO 39001:2016 (ISO 39001:2012) defines the requirements for managing the road traffic safety (RTS – Road Traffic Management System) and involves the risk and legal conformity management aspects.

ANCCP Service

ANCCP Certification Agency provides the certification service according to ISO 39001 as an advanced instrument of road traffic management.

UNI ISO 39001 Certification perfectly integrates with other Management Systems like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and SA 8000.

Interested parties

All the organizations like companies, firms, private or public bodies that interact with the road system in order to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries related to road traffic incidents (car accidents).

Interested organizations can be the following ones:

  • public and private transport companies;
  • logistic and shipping companies;
  • companies producing road safety equipment, road signage and products for road safety;
  • road and highway concessionaires;
  • public bodies working in the mobility and transport industry; \
  • every organization aiming to manage the “road safety” of their employees, customers or users.

The certification is fundamental for companies pursuing:

  • reduction in road risk and damages to third parties;
  • reduction of accident-absences
  • reduction in the risk of legal summons for negligence;
  • reduction in the management’s costs of the company’s fleet;
  • improvement of the user/consumer degree of trust
  • relevant elements in tender procedures


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