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Inspections on Private Recreational Crafts

D.M. 146/2008

The standard

The methods for performing safety inspections are defined by the Regulation for the implementation of the Boating Code (formalized through the Decree no. 146 of 29 July 2008 of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports) and by the Ministerial Circular letter Prot. nr. 4385 of 11.03.2009, which explains the administrative and procedural aspects to be met.

ANCCP service

ANCCP Certification Agency carries out the inspections on the private recreational crafts for the granting of the Attestation of suitability, which is required for the renewal, the validation or the granting of the Safety Certificate.

The inspection activity can be divided into 3 types:

  • The inspections for the safety certificate’s renewal are carried out after 8 or 10 years since the first issuance of the certificate and, subsequently, every 5 years (regular inspections).
  • The occasional inspections for the validation of the safety certificate are performed when the craft has a malfunction or the owner applies innovations or technical changes not essential as far as construction is concerned (e.g. motor’s change without power’s variations).
  • The initial inspections for the granting of the Safety Certificate for the registration in the Italian registers are performed on self-constructed or not CE marked crafts, which come from a Member State or from outside the EU and were placed on the market or put in service in one of the Member States before the 16th June 1998.

If the Safety Certificate has expired for more than 6 month, it will be necessary a new Initial Inspection.

As specified by the Harbour Autority, by the Maritime District Office or by the vehicles licensing authority office, inspection activities are also carried out for getting the Attestation of suitability for single trip or test trip.         

Interested parties

The Safety Certificate is necessary for authorizing the following recreational crafts’ types to sail:

  • Recreational crafts (from 10 to 24 metres length);
  • Watercrafts (from 2.5 to 10 mt length), if entered in the registers of the Harbour Masters’ offices.


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