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Inspector for Safety Inspections of the Recreational Crafts

The course’s main goal is to provide the instruments, knowledges and training necessary for carrying out safety inspections aimed to the granting, the renewal, the validation of the safety certificate of the recreational crafts according to the Italian D.M. no. 146 of 29 July 2008.

To everyone passing the final examination, a certificate of attendance and profit is granted. In this way they can apply to an Authorized Body for the qualification as inspector for the safety inspections on the recreational crafts.


Target audience

  • Professionals (graduates or holders of diplomas in the nautical field or similar) aiming to obtain the knowledges necessary for operating as inspectors on behalf of an Authorized Body in the field of the safety inspections on the recreational crafts.
  • Design offices for shipyards and naval designers who, while working, have to operate in compliance with the related European construction rules
  • Consultants, designers, who want to improve their competences about the related European standard



The course consists of both theoretical and practical exercises
The main topics are:

  • Naval terms
  • Directive 2013/53/EU and Italian Legislative Decree no. 5 of 11/01/2016
  • Harmonized standards
  • Field of application, the Manufacturer, the Authorized Representative and the Importer
  • Conformity Assessment Procedures (Annexes to the Directive and to the Legislative Decree)
  • Stability and buoyancy criteria
  • Engine and plant engineering
  • Case studies
  • Simulation of inspections of recreational crafts


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