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Bituminous Mixtures

Reg. (UE) 305/2011

The European standard

The CE Marking for placing bituminous mixtures on the market has been mandatory since 2004. The reference standards are the following ones:

  • EN 13108-1 “Bituminous mixture – Asphalt concrete”
  • EN 13108-2 “Bituminous mixtures – Asphalt Concrete for Very Thin Layers”
  • EN 13108-3 “Bituminous mixtures – Soft Asphalt”
  • EN 13108-4 “ Bituminous mixtures – Hot rolled Asphalt”
  • EN 13108-5 “Bituminous mixtures – Stone mastic asphalt”
  • EN 13108-6 “Bituminous mixtures – Mastic Asphalt”
  • EN 13108-7 “Bituminous mixtures – Material specifications – Part 7: Porous Asphalt

The system of attestation of conformity for bituminous mixtures is 2+, if they are used in areas and roads, which are busy and not subject to regulations about fire reaction.

In order to get the CE marking of the bituminous mixtures as construction products, the manufacturer has to let them submitted to the following tests:

  • Granulometry’s test
  • Binder content test
  • Mixture’s temperature test

ANCCP service

ANCCP Certification Agency works as Notified Body to the European Union (n° 0302) for the certification of the bituminous mixtures according to the 2+’s system of attestation of conformity.

Interested parties

The bituminous mixtures’ manufacturers, as described above, need the Fabric Production Control certificate, which is fundamental for being authorized to affix the CE marking.

Such certificate, which is issued after a positive preliminary on-site inspection, has to be maintained active through the subsequent regular conformity assessments inspections.


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