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Directive 2014/33/EU

The European Standard

Directive 2014/33/EU of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 26 February 2014 covers the procedures for the certification process of Lifts and safety components for lifts.

A “Lift” is defined as:
“a lifting appliance serving specific levels, having a carrier moving along guides which are rigid and inclined at an angle of more than 15 degrees to the horizontal, or a lifting appliance moving along a fixed course even where it does not move along rigid guides”.

This Directive shall not apply to:

  • lifting appliances whose speed is not greater than 0,15 m/s;
  • construction site hoists, cableways, funicular railways included, and rack and pinion trains;
  • escalators and mechanical walkways;
  • lifts specially designed and constructed for military or police purposes;
  • mine winding gear;
  • lifting appliances intended for lifting performers during artistic performances,
  • lifting appliances fitted in means of transport;
  • lifting appliances connected to machinery and intended exclusively for access to workstations

ANCCP Service

ANCCP Certification Agency is a body who is notified to the European Union (n°0302) for granting the EU-Type Conformity Certificates of lifts according to the following procedures:

  • Annex V (Final examination)
  • Annex VIII (Unit verification) – Module G
  • Annex X (Product quality assurance) – Module E
  • Annex XI (Full  quality assurance plus design examination) – Module H1
  • Annex XII (Production quality assurance) – Module D


Lifts shall be subject to a Final Inspection (Procedure of Annex V) or to a Unit Verification (Procedure of Annex VIII). This by taking into account that installers are or are not the lift manufacturers.

Interested parties

Lifts’ manufacturers and installers aiming to place the lifts on the market according to Directive 2014/33/EU have to get the certificate of conformity that enables them to affix the CE Marking on the finished product.

Installers can also undergo their company organization to a verification of conformity, by choosing between just the examination of the installation process or the whole company quality system (procedures laid on Annexes X, XI, XII).

Regular conformity checks on lifts

It is necessary to carry out regular checks on installed lifts for the maintenance of the conformity. As a Notified Body accredited according to standard EN ISO/IEC 17065 and body working according to articles 13 and 14 of the Italian D.P.R. 162/1999 (further details in section Inspection), ANCCP Certification Agency carries out the above-mentioned checks.


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